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Jeff Watson

Jeff Watson was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Essex in June, 2004 and re-elected in January, 2006, October 2008 and May, 2011 as a member of the Conservative Government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In the fall of 2013, Jeff was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport.

Jeff is a veteran member of the Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure & Communities. He is also a member of the Government Auto Caucus, the Tourism Caucus and the All-Party Border Caucus. In addition, Jeff serves as director of the Canada-Israel Friendship Group and as a member of the Canada-US and Canada-Italy Inter-Parliamentary Associations as well as a member of the Canada-Macedonia Friendship Group and Vice-Chair of the Canada-Croatia Friendship Group.

Among his legislative accomplishments, Jeff counts his Private Members’ measure to reverse a steep Liberal tax hike on retired Canadian seniors collecting US Social Security which was included in the Conservative Government’s 2010 Budget.

In addition, as chair of the Government Auto Caucus, Jeff worked with the Industry Minister to create a National Auto Strategy, in 2008, including the Auto Innovation Fund – the first investment from which re-opened Ford’s Essex Engine Plant in Windsor.

Jeff also worked closely with US Congressman John Dingell and two Canadian Environment Ministers to establish Canada’s first Priority Natural Area, the Western Lake Erie Watersheds PNA, to enhance land conservation in Essex County and to complement the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge.

As well, Jeff is leading the charge to improve adoption outcomes and support in Canada with his National Adoption Action Plan. His Private Members Motion-386, to study federal supports for adoptive parents and children received the unanimous support of the House and resulted in a report tabled in March 2012, for the government’s consideration. This report has subsequently resulted in federal measures in Budget 2013 and Budget 2014 to increase tax credits to cover the costs to families adopting a child.

Jeff’s early passion for government led to his studying political science and history at the University of Windsor. He returned to his studies in 2012 to complete his BA (History). Jeff worked as Executive Assistant and Marketing Director for an internationally known promotions company whose presentations included eight Super Bowls. He later joined Chrysler Canada and spent six years on the line at the Trim Division at Chrysler’s Windsor Assembly Plant, including three and a half years at the Pillette Road plant before it closed. Jeff’s work on the Assembly line led to his Library of Parliament designation as the first autoworker elected to Parliament.

Jeff and his wife, Sarah make their home in Amherstburg, Ontario. The Watsons have six children – Sophie, Emma, Elijah, Thaddaeus, Ava, and Beatrice.

Latest News

1.3 Million New Jobs

Canada’s economy created 1.3 million net new jobs since the depths of the global recession – one of the strongest job creation records in the G-7. In fact, not only are more Canadians working than before the recession, there are more Canadians working than ever before in our country’s history. And we will continue to […]


Protecting Jobs

Canada’s manufacturing sector provides good, well-paying jobs for Canadians in communities across our country. Prime Minister Harper has announced new support from our Conservative Government for Canadian manufacturers. Our low-tax, balanced budget Manufacturing Strategy will keep Canada’s manufacturing sector growing and creating jobs. Under our Manufacturing Strategy, Canadians will benefit from new jobs, new investment […]


Support For Canadian Seniors

Our Conservative Party will introduce new support for single and widowed seniors in Canada. A re-elected Conservative government will introduce a $2,000 Single Seniors Tax Credit that will extend additional tax relief to nearly 1.6 million single and widowed seniors in Canada who have pension income. When combined with the existing Pension Income Credit that […]


Budget Balanced A Year Early!

Our Conservative government has a strong record of economic and fiscal management. Our government achieved a balanced budget last year – one full year ahead of schedule. This is good for our economy and good for Canadian families. Spending beyond our means, as Justin’s Liberals and Thomas Mulcair’s NDP propose, would lead to permanent deficits, […]


Cutting Taxes For Small Businesses

A re-elected Conservative Government will lower the small business tax rate from 11 percent to 9 percent over the next four years. This tax cut – the largest tax rate cut for small businesses in more than 25 years – will provide $2.7 billion in tax relief to nearly 700,000 small businesses over this period. […]


Keeping Canadians Safe

A re-elected Harper Government will build on our record of fighting global terrorism to keep Canadians safe. And, we will continue to address the growing problem of terrorist radicalization and violent extremism among Canadian youth by providing a renewed $10 million in funding for the Kanishka Project. We will also create banned travel zones in […]


Keeping More Money In Your Pocket

We announced our plan to cut payroll taxes by over 20 percent in 2017 and protect Canadian jobs from the dangerous Employment Insurance and CPP tax hikes promised by both Justin Trudeau and Mulcair’s NDP. By dramatically reducing payroll taxes, Canadian workers will see their take-home pay increase and businesses – especially small businesses – […]


Helping Families Save For Their Children’s Education

A re-elected Conservative government would provide more support to hardworking Canadian families saving for their children’s post-secondary education. Our Conservative Government has consistently cut taxes and put more money back into the pockets of every Canadian family. This includes significant support to help with the costs of a child’s future education, including establishing the Canada […]


Supporting Canada’s Mining Sector

Responsible resource development creates jobs, fuels growth and promotes prosperity across the country. The mining sector is particularly critical to Canada’s economy with over 380,000 Canadians employed in mining and thousands more employed indirectly. Since 2006, our government has helped to support mining exploration, investment and jobs through the Mineral Exploration Tax Credit. We announced […]


Expanding Broadband to Rural Communities

In today’s digital economy, access to the internet is essential to create jobs, realize economic opportunities and connect Canadians to online services. While Canada is one of the most connected nations in the world, critical gaps in broadband access still exist, particularly in rural and remote areas of the country. Rural Canadians expect and deserve […]


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For over ten years I've had the privilege of serving you, your family, and our communities - delivering results that earned me the nickname "the billion dollar MP". ‎This election comes amid a serious slowdown in the global economy and the unleashing of the dark, evil Islamic State - who not only is wreaking havoc in the Middle East but has declared war against Canada, inspiring terrorist attacks in Québec and Ottawa. The choice is clear: Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. Justin is just not ready, lacking the experience and maturity to oversee a $1.9 trillion Canadian economy or confront ISIS. Thomas Mulcair's NDP high-taxes - including on Chrysler and Ford - will wreck our economy‎ and his ideologically-driven foreign policy will set Canada back and leave Canadians less safe. Only Stephen Harper has the proven experience today to keep Canada safe and our economy strong. I encourage you, on October 19th, cast your vote to re-elect me‎ and a Stephen Harper strong, stable, national Conservative majority government. Thank you!

- Jeff Watson MP


Jeff has worked hard to serve this riding, delivering results to support jobs, families, and communities across our region:

Facts and Figures

  • $80 million to re-open Ford Essex Engine Plant, adding a third shift in 2012
  • saving Chrysler from bankruptcy
  • $2 billion for the new Gordie Howe International Bridge
  • the $63 million Atlas Tube Centre in Lakeshore
  • the $24 million Libro Centre in Amherstburg
  • funding for WEEDC to save supply chain with closure of Heinz plant, find new buyers
  • $40 million for the new Centre for Engineering Innovation at the Univ of Windsor
  • the Media-Plex and Centre for Applied Health sciences at St. Clair College
  • Front Road reconstruction and $1 million toward new town hall in LaSalle
  • the first Priority Natural Area in Canada, the Western Lake Erie Watersheds PNA
  • saving rare Alvar habitat on Pelee Island, habitat restoration projects in Hillman marsh, Cedar Creek, the Botsford Woods
  • Canada 150 projects to finish the Essex to Amherstburg trail and make improvements to Royal Canadian Legion Branch 399 in Belle River
  • new cenotaphs in LaSalle, Amherstburg, and Essex
  • improvements to arenas in Harrow and Kingsville, a new soccer complex in Harrow, baseball diamonds and other upgrades to Vollmer Complex in LaSalle
  • improved tax credits for adoption
  • ending the Paul Martin Liberal tax hike on retired seniors collecting US Social Security
  • delivering Canada's first National Auto Action Plan

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